Who are we?

The Wood Foundation ® is the South African campaign for the promotion of forestry and wood. We exist to give you the facts. The campaign works on behalf of the whole timber industry. It aims to promote the suitability and sustainability of wood as a building material to the construction sector and associated professionals such as architects and design engineers.

It also has an important role in supporting market development in other wood product manufacturing sectors.

The objectives of The Wood Foundation are:

  • to promote and encourage the growing of trees and the use of wood and wood products;
  • to educate and reinforce awareness of woods attributes as a preferred structural material amongst the likes of architects, specifiers, service providers, structural engineers, quantity surveyors, design consultants, developers, merchants, agriculture, construction industry and the public at large;
  • to promote wood as a naturally renewable and environmentally friendly product.
  • the reinforcement of the generic wood 'brand' through awareness activities in various markets, within and outside the borders of South Africa.